History of Casinos in Australia

There are many sources that will tell you about Australian gambling history online, particularly in terms of the latest developments in the country. One such source is the informative gambling portal AustralianOnlineCasinos.com. It has a reasonably liberal attitude towards gambling, with sports betting allowed as a completely legal activity over the internet; however, when it comes to casinos themselves, things can get a bit trickier, due to the International Gaming Act of 2001 (known as the IGT).

This IGT stated that it is an offence to provide an online gambling service to someone who is physically present in Australia at the time, though they do make the distinction that it is not illegal for Australian residents to play poker or casino games over the internet. The IGT refers to any game providers, where they are based in Australia or owned by Australians, or not. This means that the residents themselves are protected from prosecution, whereas those who offer the games could face hefty fines, being shut down, or court orders that impose other punishments. Despite these regulations, the land based casino industry is thriving, and it is estimated that more than eighty per cent of the population of the country gamble in some way – whether they play the national lottery, bet on sports games and races, or go into casinos. There are also many laws that are tied up with local traditions and customs: for example, the “diggers” who lost their lives in the two world wars traditionally played two-up for entertainment, and for this reason it is legal to play two-up no matter who you are on ANZAC day.

When you research Australian gambling history online what comes to light the most is the fact that there are two policies at work all throughout the ages: first of all, the aggressive attempts to prevent unlicensed gambling in all of its forms, and second the ready and eager creation of the licenses needed to keep businesses on the legal side of things. This has allowed Australians to play casino games and other forms of gambling peacefully for many years, while the government is able to sit back and enjoy the tax benefits, being able to put them to use in community projects. For many Australian casino moguls, it is important to stress how much tax revenue they expect to provide per year, in order to have their newest projects meet the public’s approval in the media.

The reason why there is a slightly different twist to Australian gambling history online, preventing the use of internet casinos, is because the government has felt since the 1990s that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to regulate this online world, and that therefore they would be exposing their citizens to unregulated forms of gambling – something which they simply could not accept. They also see the problem that casinos operating from overseas might steal tax revenue from the existing Australian casinos, leaving them worse off with no way to get all those taxes back where they rightfully belonged.